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One of Indonesia’s most important art collectives, Taring Padi’s roots are in emerging, student-focused, and social art-forms. Founded in 1998 by a group of progressive art students in response to the Indonesian socio-political upheavals during the country’s reformation era, Taring Padi’s artistic practice is always contextualised within their socio-political and cultural frameworks. In 2002 Taring Padi became a collective, maintaining its progressive character in realising the potential of art as a tool for social change.

Taring Padi are well known for their prints and posters embedded with political and social justice messages, using woodcuts printed onto paper or canvas. In addition to their print work, they also create murals, banners, puppetry, sculptures, street theatre performances, punk rock and techno music. Nearly 100 people have been involved in some way in Taring Padi over the years.

proppaNOW has been invited by Taring Padi to create a collaborative large-scale banner dealing with issues of sovereignty, land rights, justice and freedom of expression. The banner will be the centrepiece of Taring Padi’s exhibition at Griffith University Art Museum, Brisbane, in March 2024, and will be shown in future international Taring Padi exhibitions as part of their ongoing People’s Justice project. The banner will be created over a month-long shared studio residency in Brisbane which will create a safe and constructive space for sharing critical dialogues and progressive ideas. The banner itself will become an important artwork in connecting proppaNOW to international art dialogues.

Given Australia’s position within the Asia-Pacific region with Indonesia is our nearest neighbour, it is also a wonderful opportunity to enhance existing connections with the region, especially the artistic relationships forged by the Asia Pacific Triennial.

Taring Padi: Tanah Tumpah Darah

Griffith University Art Museum

29 February – 25 May 2024

Opening symposium and celebration: Saturday 2 March 2024


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